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Be A Money Expert With These Top 10 Money Apps

Be A Money Expert With These Top 10 Money Apps

The use of apps has boomed in the past few years. While you may have other apps on your phone that you seldom use, money apps can help you to navigate the world of finance with easy. Here are the top 10 money apps that you can use.

 1. The official mobile app of your bank

 If you have a savings account, you should have your bank’s official app. This is the money app that you should have. It can help you in several ways, from checking your bank account to transferring funds. The bank app also allows you to open a recurring account, fixed deposits or take a personal loan as well. You can also put any service requests such as requesting a new cheque book or changing your PIN through the bank app.

You can also pay your utility bills and book flight and train tickets through your bank app.

2. PayTM

 PayTM is one of the most popular e-wallets available in India. Many shops and business, whether it is online or offline, accept PayTM payments. When making offline payments, you have to scan the QR code of the shop keeper and pay the required amount. That’s it. You don’t have to share phone numbers or anything. Plus, freedom from carrying loose change.

Also, when doing online transactions, you can opt for paying through PayTM and earn cashback.



Using credit cards is very simple and Cred makes it very rewarding. The app tracks your credit card spending. Its management features provide simple yet powerful tools that will help you to manage your credit card efficiently. You can pay your credit card bills and get tons of perks in the process




“Don’t try and count every penny to see where it’s gone, instead just set a target and save it every month. And separate these savings into another fund, account so you don’t end up spending it.”

    -Manisha Pandita, Founder, EasyPlan


Do you have many goals and have hard time-saving money in your savings account? EasyPlan is a better way to save and fulfil your financial purposes. Through the app, you can transfer extra funds to a liquid fund. Liquid funds are a type of debt mutual funds that carry low risk and gives a higher interest rate than your savings account and even fixed deposits.


Want to know where your money went at the end of the month? Walnut expense manager app helps you to track your income and expenditures. It automatically segregates your purchases into various categories such as dining, education, travel. This will help you to know where you have spent your money and accordingly fix the leakage in your budget.


If you live with your flatmates or go out often with your friends, then this is an app that you must have. Spiltwise helps to spilt costs easily among your friends. All you have to do is make groups and add the amount that was spent. You can later settle the bill.


Whether you want to compare loans, credit cards or an insurance policy, you can get everything on BankBazaar. You can also invest in mutual funds and compare the different fixed deposits. BankBazaar has different financial calculators that will help you to make sure that you have your goals in place.


Are you worried about filing your tax returns or anything related to tax? Clear Tax will help you to put all your tax-related issues to the rest. You can also take their help to file your tax returns.


 Do you want to invest in mutual funds but choosing a few funds from 3000 funds seem a big task? Not any more. Scripbox handpicks few select quality equity and debt funds that you can easily invest. You can start a systematic investment plan, save tax and plan for your financial goals.


Basis is a first platform exclusively designed keeping the Indian women in mind. Their aim is to make personal finance and investing simple for women. With curated content and guided investment experiences, the app aims to empower women to help them take charge of their finances and fulfil their financial goals.


These were the top 10 money apps that you should have on your phone.


What money app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.


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