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Want Instagram worthy pictures? Here’s how you can travel on a budget

Want Instagram worthy pictures? Here’s how you can travel on a budget

Here’s how you can visit your dream destination without burning a hole in your pocket.  

Okay, let’s face it. We all want to leave our 9-5 job, pick up the passport and suitcase and travel to faraway exotic land just like the travel bloggers. But, living in a country like India with just enough salary to pay your bills and the multiple visa problems, travelling and getting those Instagram worthy pictures may be a dream for many.

Don’t worry, we have got your back.  So, the next time you plan a trip, here is a list of places you can go to with your girlfriends. So read along and start creating those what’s app groups and make a million memories.

  1. Greece (7N/8D)

One cannot go wrong with Greece. The perfect destination with beaches, mountains, beauty, and history. With the country almost recovering from financial turmoil, staying here can be dirt cheap. So whether you are staying in an Airbnb or hostel, you don’t have to worry about staying within your budget. With the most happening beach parties to water activities to relaxing on a beach, Greece is a perfect getaway.

Two nights in Athens, two nights in Santorini and three nights in Mykonos is all you require.

Flight – Rs. 30,000

Daily Expenditure (including food and stay) – Rs.4000 x 8 = Rs.32,000

Visa – Rs.5,000

Total trip – Rs.67,000

Currency – Euro’s (1 Euro= 70 INR)

  1. Budapest and Prague (6N/7D)

If you are looking at the ‘not so commercial places’ and want to explore the eastern authentic parts of Europe, these two cities of Budapest and Prague is where you should be. The beautiful Danube river passing through the middle of the city of Budapest and its buzzing nightlife, it has become backpacker’s favourite destination. You can also see the entire city on Segway’s and E bikes which are totally exciting. Budapest is also a shopping paradise as many commercial brands are present. Also, you can shop from the European vintage markets as well.

Prague, on the other hand, is a city to be explored on foot with Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. This city is going to leave you awestruck for sure. A 3-hour busy journey from Prague is going to get you to Cseky Krumlov, the entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also do white water rafting here. Stay in both these cities is super affordable along with brilliant local food.

3 nights Budapest and 3 nights Prague is ideal.

Flight – Rs.30,000

Daily Expenditure (including food and stay) – Rs.3000 x 7 = 21,000

Visa – Rs.5,000

Total trip –Rs.56 ,000

Currency –  Forint ( 4 INR = 1 Forint), Crown ( 3 INR = 1 Crown)


  1. Bhutan (7N/8D)

This entirely underrated country should be on your list to visit with your girlfriends. Tucked in the mountains with lush green colour splashed all over the country, this one place is a sure value for money. For the hikers and Buddhist fans, this place is a paradise. Do you know what is even better? Indians do not need a visa to go here. So yay! The mountains offer a range of activities like biking, kayaking and rafting. What more do you even need?

Flight – Rs.15,000

Daily Expenditure (including food and stay) – Rs.3000 x 8 = Rs.24,000

Total trip – Rs.39,000

Currency – YOU CAN USE INDIAN CURRENCY IN BHUTAN (BRB, doing happy dance)

  1. Kenya and Tanzania (7N/8D)

Okay, let’s get this straight. If you love wildlife and forests and jungle safaris, you are reading the right paragraph. We often get intimated by the beaches and mountains and tend to overlook wildlife, but trust us, going to a country like either Kenya or Tanzania, the entire trip is an adventurous roller coaster. Right from seeing lions, lionesses and their cubs to feeding giraffes with your own hands and riding on ostriches this is the perfect destination for your animal lover girl gang. The only red light point to be noted here is the safety for women, but if you have booked a good stay and have a car driver all the time this is going to be one hell of a trip.

Flight – Rs.25,000

Daily Expenditure (including food and stay) – Rs.4000 x 8 = 32,000

Visa – Visa on arrival

Total trip – Rs.57,000

Currency – Shillings

  1. United Arab Emirates (7N/8D)

While every second person has been to Dubai, there is a reason this place is so famous with tourists. There is nothing that Dubai cannot offer you. Even more so, if you go during their offseason, this trip will be more value for money than a weekend at Goa. Water Parks, Zoo’s, World’s Tallest Building, beaches, never-ending shopping this place is an Indian’s paradise. It’s home away from home. Women, watch out for the gold souk markets here, the best place to buy some gold.

Flight – Rs.15,000

Daily Expenditure (including food and stay) – Rs.4000 x 8 = Rs.32,000

Visa – Visa on arrival

Total trip – Rs.77,000

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