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Fitness On A Budget

In today’s world, people are becoming more fitness conscious. The craze to look good is prevalent more among teenage and young women. We end up visiting the gym and paying the annual fees, only to realise later that we have wasted our money.

Staying fit physically and mentally is very important in one’s live as those who are fit are less prone to diseases. Also, your body will become strong. With all these, adequate sleep is also important for a healthy & fit body. It is well said that, “ Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.”

And we will show you how you can take care of your health without burning a hole in the pocket.

Run, walk or jog around your neighborhood

 Walking, jogging and running are some of the inexpensive ways that will help you to take care of your health. Nowadays, many societies have a walking area. Catch hold of your favourite flatmate or a friend who stays in the same society or in your area.

If your society does not a have a walking area, you don’t have to worry. Just go for a walk at the nearest park. It is better to go out with a friend as it will make the experience more enriching and it is likely that you will stick to the routine.

Once you are comfortable walking, you can start jogging or running. This will help

While running may not be everybody’s favorite form of exercise but it is really a good form  of exercise for everyone. Believe it or not, running is actually a great way to increase your overall level of health. You can visit the parks/garden near your locality for running or jogging.

Make use of You Tube

In today’s busy world, many people are not able to go to gym or do exercises which are essential for them.  Many times, people are not able to find a guide who can help them to solve their doubts and show them right path and guide them regarding their health issues. YouTube is a perfect platform for those who wanna do their workout at home itself.

YouTube is a platform where people can  not only refer to the videos and learn but can make their own videos and share their own ideas with the whole world.  Today, people can refer YouTube for health videos and many more.  People can find thousands of videos which will guide you to stay fit and healthy. It will solve all your doubts, queries and guide you in a proper way.


Today almost everyone has Smartphones and they have became the necessity of our life.  But do you know that smartphones also are helpful to keep us healthy and fit?

  • Fitness trackers- There are thousands of fitness apps available in your phones which store data and ensures that those who use them can stay on a right path when it comes to meeting fitness and Weight Loss goals. Some of apps record steps walked while others record weight measurements.  When we get out for a walk or run, the path can get recorded to show how long the session lasted and an estimate of how many calories were burned. Some of these fitness trackers apps are Google fit, My fitness pal, etc.
  • Universal health record-   Many  officers has chosen to include a health record for their patients of the person who  decides to access it. The Apps such as Follow my health app keeps a record of all doctor visits and allows people to see their weight, blood pressure reading, test results, and other important details verified after each office visit. It helps users to stay updated on their information and have access to it later on if they ever need it.
  • Health tips- Smartphones not only helps with the fitness apps but also, we can go online and visit websites regarding the health tips, specially when medical concern arises. Through these websites, people can get tips to reduce or cure an illness at home itself by using ancient remedies or tips on  how can one should seek a doctor for treatment. People can also referred the medicines online for an illness or see the symptoms of an illness and prevent it at early stage only.


Dance is a good and fun type of exercise for a person as almost everyone loves dancing.  Just turn on the music and everyone will start dancing.  You don’t need to go to any dance classes, rather you can see YouTube channels and learn from there. Nowadays, there are many dance shows also on TVs through which you can learn dance. There are many celebrities who have their own websites and they teach dance online. Even  you can make your own steps and dance at your home. Dance is really very important exercise as it makes your muscles strong, it improves the condition of your heart and lungs. It helps you to manage your weight and be fit.  Dance also makes your bones strong and reduces the risks of diseases like osteoporosis.

Research on your Social handles

Today, there are many fitness experts who can guide you and give advice for your health and exercises that you should do. Many fitness experts give their advice online through their official websites. They guide everyone with step by step exercises and also advice the proper diet plans that one should follow simultaneously along with exercises. Today, many celebrities also make their own websites and guide everyone with their personal experiences and tips that they personally follow. They also conduct workshops on health and fitness for people and the interested ones can attend those workshops and seminars which helps to improve one’s  health and stay fit.

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