So many useful things – like Post-Its and potato chips – were invented by accident. Miss Manage began like that too; without a plan, without the resources and without the faintest understanding of finance. We just knew that girls, like us, were tired of not “having a head for money matters”.

Miss Manage became that safe space: for us to write about saving and budgeting in a way that we would understand it. For us to write about business and the economy in a way we’d want to read about it. And as we slowly grew confident in ourselves, we took on writing about investing and taking personal interest in our financial lives and the stability of our futures.

And the best part – we did this without any input from men. Just a bunch of girls helping girls helping each other get smart about stuff.

Miss Manage is a financial literacy platform for women, a safe space for women to grow confident about money matters and a marketplace for women in finance to reach out to other women who need help with the money. The bottom line is, Miss Manage is in it to help.


Natasha Kewalramani


Nirali Ajmera

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