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How Much Do Your Daily Essentials Cost?

How Much Do Your Daily Essentials Cost?

Very often we need to make last minute trips to the supermarket to either stock up a few missing items from our pantry, our kitchen, or our bathroom.  But each time we go to collect just 1 loaf of bread or buy one tissue paper roll we somehow end up with 10 other items in our cart because supermarkets can be so tempting. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of doing that. In fact, it’s a marketing gimmick. Why else do you think supermarkets stock something as basic as milk & dairy products in the last aisle? So, we have no other option but to go through all other aisles to buy that one item. Let’s put a stop to that and try saving some money the next time we go grocery shopping.

Make a list every month of all the things you will need. Note down the quantity for each of those things and how much each of them will cost. Now multiply the quantity with the cost so you get a total figure for each item. Add up the total figure for all the items and note down the grand total. Now allocate ONLY that much each month from your salary for your trip to the supermarket. No more, no less. With last minute purchases, you’re very likely to buy the most expensive brand for a particular item or overshooting your budget. Even frequent shoppers might not know what basic items should cost. So, to make this exercise easier for you we’ve listed the cost of a few every-day items that you buy on a regular basis. Just scroll over the boxes to know what the average cost of each of these items should be, if you’re spending wayyyy more than that then it’s time to replan your visit to the supermarket and stick to a strict budget.

Note that these prices are updated every six months and this list includes only basic day-to-day items. If we’ve missed out on something or there’s something specific that you’d like us to include please let us know in the comments section below.


1 Kg Of Salt Rs. 17⚪

1 Kg Of Sugar Rs. 55🍨

1 Litre Of Oil Rs.104🛢

Loaf Of White Bread Rs. 27🍞

1 Kg Of Wheat 🌾

1 Kg Rice Of Rs. 56🍚

A Dozen Eggs Rs. 67🥚

1 Litre Of Milk Rs. 52🥛

1 Kg Of Cheese Rs. 457🧀

1 Kg Of Apples Rs. 160🍎

1 Kg Of Bananas Rs. 155🍌

1 Kg Of Oranges Rs. 90🍊

1 Kg Of Tomatoes Rs. 60🍅

1 Kg Of Potatoes Rs. 24🥔

1 Kg Of Onions Rs. 29 🌰

1 Head Of Lettuce Rs. 46🍀

1 Kg Of Carrots Rs. 20🥕

1 Kg Of Chicken Rs. 255🍗

Kitchen Supplies

4 Tissue Paper Rolls Rs. 140🍽

3 Large Scrub Sponges Rs. 140🚿

3 Bars Of Dishwasher Soap Rs. 100🍽

1 Kg Of Foil Rs. 500🍛

Bathroom Essentials

4 Toilet Paper Rolls Rs. 140🚽

120 Garbage Bags Rs. 250♻

1 Tube Of Tooth paste Rs. 72😁

Bar Of Soap Rs. 50🚿

650 ML Shampoo Bottle Rs. 250💇‍♀️

1 Kg Of Detergent Powder Rs. 100👕

Phew😪 Trips to the supermarket can be tiring for you and your wallet! But now that you’ve got a rate card it shouldn’t be that tough to budget for this trip way in advance. So, from next month onwards do this exercise and record how much you end up saving! And if you would you like to see any more items in this list, just comment below to let us know.

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